Saturday, March 11, 2006

Untold Tales Of The New Universe Nightmask #1

I just picked up this one shot of Nightmask and wanted to tell you about it. You see I am old enough to remember the attempt that Marvel made at the New Universe. Saddly the stories ranged from poor to average in ever book. For my taste the best of the bunch was Justice and DP7. When it started I thought Nightmask would be the breakout hit. I always thought that Nightmask was a good idea for a character. I have always liked stories that involved the hero only solving the problem the person has by going into their dreams. The first story of Dr. Strange is one of my favorites of this type. Thankfully Dr. Strange had other adventures that he could go on by help the Avengers or fighting demons in other dimensions. Going into someones dreams every month can get tiresome. To me Nightmask, back in the 80's, had that problem. I read the first 2 issues and didn't think it would last. So I stopped buying the book. Apperently it was a good thing I did. According to the beginning of this book the storyline they were following back in the 1980's had a cliffhanger ending in issue 4. When issue 5 came out the storyline was not resolved and a new one started. This one shot is the attpemt to end the first story. I am glad that the readers of the story finally get to see how it ends but I for one would not like waiting over 20 years to see the ending. Like the first series. (Let's face it I am almost certain Marvel will try to get new series out of the New Universe characters again.) This story and the artwork is just ok. What makes the art look better then it is? The paper that it is printed on. If this were on newspaper like Kirby, Ditko and others had to deal with in the earlier days I doubt it would get a second look. The ending where the gnome is banished into the public's collective unconscious was funny and may explain some of the fads in the real world. Hopefully Nightmask will be able to grow like Dr. Strange but only time will tell. If you have not read the book I urge you to buy it and see for yourself. The opinions above are just my own. You may disagree with me. Posted by Picasa

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