Sunday, March 05, 2006

Big Old $1.00 Comic Books

Mark Evanier has a wonderful post on these big comic books that many of us came to love back in the 70's. It explains alont on why they were done and why they stopped doing them. I loved these books. They were different and because of the huge print they were abit easier to read. What I really liked was that they were reprints of books that I had never read before. Each one I bought I treasured. When they started doing original stories I felt that they were usually hit or miss. But I got spoiled with the new stories being in the big books. I wanted more of them and didn't like the reprints after that. It was sort of like seeing a movie at the IMAX and then realizing that it was a one time deal. The other movies will have to be seen at the regular theater. Anyway if you have not seen the posting he has click on the link and enjoy. I have to get ready to watch the Oscars now. No I am not talking about re-runs of The Odd Couple. Posted by Picasa

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