Thursday, February 23, 2006

Amazing Spider-man #529 Spoiler warning don't read this if you haven't read the book yourself yet.

Ok from time to time I will try to put a review of at least one book I am reading. I asked my friend Keith what he thought might make this blog better and he said he always liked to see reviews of what people have read so this is my first.
They're at it again. They're trying to change that good old Spider-man of mine. Mostly they are changing the costume. The tried it once before when Secret Wars was the mini-series of the year. That change was not greeted with open arms from the readers. Of course now we know that the storyline for it changed and the living costume that Spider-Man got from that series became Venom and brought alot of trouble for Peter. I doubt that this costume will come alive and be his arch enemy. I don't think it will stay. At least I hope it doesn't. By the cover above you can see that it is red and gold with four extra arms so we are reminded that he is a human spider. We don't need the reminder. It's in his name and he has the powers of a spider. The new suit looks too much like the Scarlet Spider's from the clone storyline a few years back. There are differences in the costume but it still reminds me of it. Also, in the story there are two crooks avoiding the cops in a chase. They think they are getting away when one of them looks up as they are about to pass under a bridge. He says, "Maybe not. Look up there. It's him. It's Spider-Man." However, he is seeing him in his new costume. It is the first time anyone has seen him in this costume. Why would he think that is Spidey? If I was seeing an actor at the zoo or someplace dressed in the new costume before this issue came out I would wonder who he was suppose to be. There is a good side to this new costume. It has some powers of it's own. So many that Peter real doesn't need his own. I would imagine that one day he will give up the costume and either give it to someone else or they will find it and use it to start their own war against crime. However, the one power it does have that I hope Peter keeps is it can let him glide short distances on the air currents. How does it do that? With webs that come out from under his arms. Over the years, from Ditko to Ron Garney, artist have tried to incorporate that into his costume. Except for looking cool it didn't really have a reason to be on the costume. I would imagine that it may have even limited his movement in many fights. Now it is different. If he finds himself falling off a building and can't shoot his webs all he has to do is open his arms and he will glide to safety.
Once the inital buzz wears off I think we will be back to the old red and blue costume. After all he is a classic comic book all american icon with that look. Plus that look is probably copyrighted. So why copyright a new Spider-man? I just hope they have him keep the webs that let him glide. Posted by Picasa

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