Sunday, February 19, 2006

Monkees quick books of the 1980's

In the mid 1980's, thanks to MTV and a reunion tour, the Monkees made a big come back. Monkeemania was big in the 60's and maybe even bigger in the 80's. Just as the teen market in the 60's published everything they could on the Monkees. They did the same in the 1980's. However, they now had more to go on as this group had a rich history. Before they just published cartoons or love letters to the Monkees. They had no history as a group in the 60's because they were actors on a TV show that really didn't meet till they were cast. Since that day they did become a group and now there was much more to their story. Sure there were books put out by people who knew them or actually interviwed them. Books like Monkee-Mania by Glenn A. Baker or The Monkees Tale by Eric Lefcowitz. Davy Jones took advantage of his resurgance to fame and wrote some books. Mostly his autobiography They Made A Monkee Out Of Me. Other books that came out at that time were quick little books from people who didn't seem to know them or take time to interview them. Most of the info they got were in the previous books that were mentioned. Still if you were a fan you probably bought them. You hoped they would give new info or shed new light on your favorite group. Usually they didn't. What really stuck out to someone like myself were the errors. Perhaps they would get a date or name wrong. Still I could over look those. However, in the book "Hey, Hey We're The Monkees" by Mary Anne Cassata and published by Sharon Publications in 1987, there is a big error that should not have been made. Scroll down to read the next post. Posted by Picasa

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