Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Paul McCartney's Chaos and Creation in the backyard

This is a short review of this CD that my wife got for me as a Valentine's Day gift. It really is one of Paul's best solo efforts. The ballads are full and lush. Composed with all the love and care that this elder statesman of rock has at his talented disposal. However the ballads are a drawback too. As a member of the Beatles he changed rock music and taught us all how to rock out british style. Sure the Beatles did some beautiful ballads. In his solo years Paul as done his fair share of keeping the rock ballad alive with such highlights as "My Love" and "No More Lonely Nights." But when I got this CD I wanted to hear Paul rock out again. It started out fast with the rock song "Fine Line" but from there on it was his standard rock ballads. This is one of his best CD's for ballads and I am happy that I have it. But "Fine Line" gave us a glimpse of the rocker that still lurks inside of him. Come on Paul give us another "Figure of Eight" "My Brave Face" or "The World Tonight." Rock on Paul. If you wish to buy the CD you can get it here at Posted by Picasa

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r said...

Hi. Good review, and I agree. It's good to see Paul still having something to say, and not be stuck in the past. Also, thanks for linking to my blog. Loved your church sign, by the way.