Saturday, February 25, 2006

Chuck Clayton Where Art Thou?

Poor Chuck Clayton. He is in a worse situation then Betty Cooper. Mr. Clayton was added to the Riverdale cast to make the Archie series more politically correct. He is from one of the few Africian Americans families in Riverdale and yet never is given any credit. At least Betty Cooper was there for the days of the Archie gang becoming secret agents of P.O.P. and also she became a superhero as Superteen. Chuck was not around in those days. He has just been a normal teenager with normal problems. However, he was rarely used. He does make a brief apperance in Betty and Veronica #215 this month. When he is used he has alot of common sense. Unlike most of the Archie characters he never got his own series. Neither did Big Moose but I think Chuck could carry a series before Moose but I could be wrong. Anyway along comes "Archie's Explorers of the Unknown" and Mr. Clayton is the special effects expert. So he is finally being given some credit. However, on the first issue every member of the team, Big Moose included, is on the cover. Except one. That's right Chuck Clayton is the only member of the team not on the cover of the first issue. Even when I bought the book years ago and read it I never noticed it. When I posted the artilce on it I did notice it. Come on Archie. If your going to make Chuck a member of the team find a way to put him on the cover with the rest of the group. Posted by Picasa

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