Friday, February 24, 2006

Christopher Glenn Retires

For those if us who were kids in the late 60's and early 70's this is sobering news. Christopher Glenn of CBS is retiring. Mr. Glenn was the reporter for the CBS Saturday morning news segments called "In The News." I have never been a big news person. Even in college, when I majored in Radio, Television and Film production, everyone seemed to want to go into news. Well everyone but me and my buddies Chuck and Mike. Anyway while growing up at that time I watched "In The News" as it was a few minutes between my favorite cartoons. Sometimes I learned something. I recall hearing Mr. Glenn teach, that is part of what being a reporter is...teaching, about things that I heard on the news my parents watched. The CBS evening news was a program for the adults but Saturday morning was my time and I found myself learning about what my parents would sometimes talk about. For that I thank you Mr. Glenn. I also want to thank Mark Evanier for informing us of his retirement on his website. You can read more of it at this CBS website or click on the title above. Posted by Picasa

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