Monday, February 20, 2006

Reagan's Raiders

You know I have always wondered why no one ever made a comic book with the President of the USA secretly being a superhero? The answer to that question came in the 1980's. Solson publishing produced 3 issues of Reagan's Raiders. In it President Reagan is concerned about the growing threat of the World Terrorist Organization. He believes that a secret superhuman comando squad is the answer. The government has an experiment called Project Alpha-Solider but they need someone to test it on. Here is where it gets a little crazy. The 75 year old President decides to be the first to test it. Perhaps if he was younger it would make more sense. Being the leader of the free world and 75 is a bad combination. If he already had the powers I could understand but this is crazy. Even crazier is when he orders his staff advisors to take part once it is a success with him. Later they are combat trained and given guns and their own plane. This was actually a fun series but only lasted 3 issues. It was actually funny. I hope the writer intended it to be. If anyone ever does a series with the President as a hero. Please give him the powers before he takes office and perhaps in his 40's. I used issue 2 as the photo for this post as it was the first issue of the series that I bought. I never did see issue three. If you want to get the above issue you can by clicking here. Posted by Picasa

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