Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hostess saves the day

Here is an ad for Hostess fruit pies. Hulk against the Phoomie Goonies? Even with the name the Phoomie Goonies you know even Irving Forbush could beat them. Perhaps this was a dig at the old Marvel club FOOM.

Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Characters

I have linked to this site before but I didn't see the photos that they now have on the site. It is called The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Characters. This is there group of Baptist superheroes. Near the center of the group is one of my favorites, drawn by the great Jim Apro, Black Lightning. I found it hard to believe that Ghost Rider was any religion other then Atheist. Apprently Johnny Blaze said he was Baptist in one story. If you have your body possessed by a demon it is pretty good sign you aren't a Christian. However, just cause you are born into a religion doesn't make you a Christian unless you accept Jesus Christ into your heart.
Anyway if you have ever wondered what faith your favorites were you can get a hint by looking at this site. Who knew Jimmy Olsen was Lutheran?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Two societies of friends

Ok I am still taking time off to work on a project but I keep seeing on Aquaman Shrine that Rob has friends that are members of F.O.A.M. I believe that it stands for Friends Of Aquaman. Well I would to start something like that for my sites Black Lightning Limited and On My Mind. So for Black Lightning Limited I am starting B.lack L.ightning A.ppreciation S.ociety T.eam (BLAST) and for On My Mind, since I am a big Monkees fan, I am starting S.ociety O.f M.onkees E.nthusiasts (SOME.) The rules are that you have to submit to me something interesting for either Black Lightning or the Monkees that I can post on my site. In return I will give a link to your site. However, there is one rule, your site must be G rated. Free of curse words and naked drawings & photos of people. So e-mail me any Monkees or Black Lightning items that you have and maybe it will appear on my site.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Time Off

Well it is really fun to do these bolgs but I have to take some time off for a project that I am involved in. I don't know any exact date that I will be back on but I will be checking in from time to time and when I have something worthy to post I will. If you have anything that you want to have me add to this blog or promote on this blog then please e-mail me and I will do my best to do so. If you ever see the book posted above then you can be assured that I am taking some time off. So as long as you see this book above then you know I am still busy on my project. Why am I showing this book cover for It's That Time Again? Well for those who don't know I have a short story in here and it is my first published story. It also has a story in there that my cousin Steve wrote. You can buy the book below if you so wish.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

A Marvel Doc Savage In House Ad

Now this is what I call an in house ad! Most books just show you a cover of the book but this makes you see what the story is like. Now Marvel doesn't own the rights to Doc Savage anymore. Don't look for the Essential Doc Savage to read the story. The only way you will be able to read it is to find a back issue.

Another Tribute to Peter Tork

The song featured in this tribute to Peter is Come On In also produced by Mike as was yesterdays song. If either of these songs were released Peter's musical future with and without the Monkees may have been a little bit different. He had a better voice then Your Auntie Grizelda ever led us to believe.