Saturday, May 05, 2012

Project: Hero and Dinky the Elf in top 100

Project: Hero is #67 in the free science fiction adventure of the Kindle top 100 so far today.
also Dinky the Elf is #3 in the free Christmas Children's books.

Free Comic Book Day: Free Project: Hero and Last Train to Murder Dinky the Elf

Well the weekend all comic book fans have waited for his here. The Avengers movie is out, today is free comic book day and for me and readers of my sites I have a link for a free preview of my book Project: Hero. Just click on this link!download|489|3617570803|PROJECT_Hero_free_preview.docx|32 you will get the first four chapters of the book in a Word doc file. If you want more of the book you can go to , or
******However, if you own a Kindle and are a member of Amazon Prime if you click here to download Project: Hero for free for today only.******
Also you can Dinky the Elf for Free
and Last Train to Murder featuring the Monkees at

Friday, May 04, 2012

Dinky the Elf Free on Kindle today and tomorrow

Dinky the elf is free to download on Kindle today and since I didn't do this till late I will also have it for tomorrow for Free Comic Book Day. Click on the link below to go to Dinky the Elf. Tomorrow the free downloads will also include Project: Hero and Last Train to Murder a mystery featuring the Monkees.