Wednesday, December 09, 2015

America: The good result from a bad situation

     I believe that people are put into situations for a reason. God will put you into a bad situation so that something good will come out of it. Even the very foundation of the USA proves this. Columbus discovered America and for a few years countries came here to get resources that they could sell and use back in their country. Squanto, an Indian, was taken from his tribe to live as a slave in the home of one of those people. There he learned to speak English and earned favor and was sent back to America. But he had to live in another tribe as his was killed off by a disease that would have claimed him too, if he had not been taken away. In that tribe he taught others to speak English.

     Soon after that, the Pilgrims arrived to escape to religious freedom from England were the government was telling them how to worship God. They were not ready for the harsh winters and had little knowledge of farming. Many of them died. They were about to give up and return to England when one of Squanto's friends came upon them. The Pilgrims had settled down in the spot where Squanto's previous tribe had been. He introduced them to Squanto and his Chief. Through them they were taught how to survive the winters in what would later be called Massachusetts and how to farm.  From there the national holiday of Thanksgiving, thanking God for their survival in the new world, it's not really about the turkey, was created.

     From that the USA was born. A country that has fought for freedom ever since. We have fought to keep ours and to help others get their freedom. People ask us for help and can come to us to live free. In World War II we went to war to help other countries and the Jewish to live and to worship as they thought God would want them to. Jewish people came to live here to escape the death sentences that the Nazi's had for them in Germany.

     All this goodness to the world cameo about from a bad situation. When Squanto was kidnapped to be a slave. Because he came back speaking English, he unknowingly helped create the USA that has bought freedom to so much of the world and gave those that could find freedom in their own country a place to go. This may seem like a late Thanksgiving day message but it's really one we need to keep in mind everyday and to give thanks to God for creating the United States of America.

Rick L. Phillips