Monday, March 14, 2011

Circus Boy

Here is an episode of Circus Boy starring a very young Micky Dolenz. I think this episode is called The Fabulous Colonel Jack.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dennis the Menace Contest ends and the winner is...

Well the contest is over and the winner is...drum roll please....Michael LeBlanc. He had 19 answers to the 21 questions. The correct answers were as follows...
1.What was the date that the first episode of Dennis the Menace aired on TV? October 4, 1959

2.What date did Dennis the Menace comic strip first appear in the newspapers? March 12 1951

3.Who picked Jeannie Russell to play Margaret? Jay North picked her personally.

4.How many children do the Wilson’s have? None

5.What was the name of the policeman in Dennis’ neighborhood? Sgt. Mooney

6.After Joseph Kearns, the original Mr. Wilson, died what was the excuse given to explain his absence? He was on a trip to Ohio.

7.What actor replaced Joseph Kearns as Mr. Wilson? Gale Gordon

8.What is the favorite sport of Mr. Mitchell? Golf

9.What network did the show air on? CBS

10.What night did it air on? Sunday at 7:30pm

11.What was the address where Dennis and his parents lived? 627 Elm Street

12.What other TV show did Jay North play on after Dennis the Menace? Maya based on the movie of the same name that also starred Jay North.

13.What cartoon character did Jay North provide the voice to on Saturday morning TV? Bamm- Bamm Rubble on the “Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show.”

14.Willard Waterman played Mr. Quigley on the show. What old time radio character is he also known for? The Great Gildersleeve

15.What was the date of the last original first run episode to air? September 22, 1963
(I started to over look this one as I realized this was the date for a re-run and everyone else gave a different date. Most of them were in June.)

16.What is the name of his dog? Ruff

17.What was the name of Mr. Wilson’s dog? Fremont

18.How old has Dennis always been in the comic strip? 5 and a half

19.How many episodes were there in the series? 146

20.What was Dennis’ catch phrase from the series? Hello Mr. Wilson!

21.What was Mr. Wilson’s catch phrase? Great Scott!