Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Charity Book

Calling all Christian author/comic book fans. I am putting together a book of short stories that revolve around an issue of Amazing Fantasy #15 with the first appearance of Spider-man from the first day it comes out and how it affects each person who owns it from that time to the present. I am writing the first two stories to start it off and I may write the last story as well but the inbetween stuff is by others. If I write the last story I plan for it to be that the first person gets the book back and show how it helps him again. Unless someone else can come up with a better story to end with.
So far Dan Johnson who writes the strip Dennis the Menace, Tyrone Reed Jr. the author of the book S.O.L.A.D.: Soliders of Light Against Darkness and Michael Brewer the author of Who Needs a Superhero?: Finding Virtue, Vice, and Whats Holy in the Comics, have all expressed an interest. If anyone else is interested please get a message to me. Thank you. Also this project is to raise money for a missionary for Campus Crusade for Christ.