Saturday, January 07, 2006

Marjorie Monaghan

Above is a photo of actress Marjorie Monaghan. She was on B5, Space Rangers, and a few episodes of Star Trek. She went to high school not too far from where I went and we are about the same age. Since she has family and friends in this area she accepts to be in conventions that are in this area. She told me that when I met her at the convention where I got the above autograph. Years later I saw her at another convention. She started to get me another photo to sign but I told her I didn't need the autograph. I shook her had and just told her that I enjoyed talking to her the last time and wanted to say it was nice to see her again. She said thank you and then I left. Flash forward a few more years to another convention. Ms. Monaghan is at another convention I am attending. As she is walking around the convention she keeps looking at me. I don't know why and wonder if I should ask her why but decide not to. At that time I was trying to get the cast of Babylon 5 to all sign a photo that I have. I get to her and as she signs it she ask who she should say it is to? I tell her that's not necessary because she personalized the last photo she signed for me. She just says "That's where." That's when I knew she was trying to place where she remembered me from. Someone told me since she and I went to high school near each other I should have acted like I was an old boyfriend. That might have been funny to me but I doubt she would have liked it. Anyway it is nice to know that I left a nice impression with her. Ms. Monaghan if you are reading this I want you to know that youi made my day at that convention in Cincinnati. Posted by Picasa

Friday, January 06, 2006

Teen Titans 31 Hank and Don Hall are back...well not really

I bought this issue of Teen titans because Hawk and Dove are on the cover. Yes I know they look like the bad guys on the cover but who knows how the story would evolve. They may wind up back and as memebers of the Titans again. If so that would get me buyin this book every month. Saddly they were only back as zombies and easily gotten rid of. But maybe something is in the air and we will have them back. I still don't know what the pages of Captain Carrot had to do with the story but it was nice to see the Zoo Crew back and it is always good to see Scott Shaw! art. It looked abit different then the last time I saw him do the Zoo Crew but sometimes things change. Posted by Picasa

It's That Time Again Vol. 3 Cover

Here it is a look at the cover art for "It's That Time Again Volume 3" It's not too late to order a copy before it is published in Feburary. It has wonderful stories based on old time radio charactors. Here is a list of the contributors.
Cover by Bobb Lynes
Foreword by Norman Corwin
NOVELETTE Jack Armstrong/Tom Mix -- Jim Harmon
SHORT STORIES Whistler/Mysterious Traveler -- Richard A. Lupoff
Jimmie Allen/Gene Autry -- Jon Swartz, Ph. D. and Jim Harmon
Sherlock Holmes/Raffles -- Gareth Tilley
Johnny Madero/Jeff Regan -- Robert C. Reinehr
Johnny Dollar/Duffy's Tavern -- Steve Thompson (Booksteve's Library
ack Benny/Richard Diamond-- Michael Leannah
Captain Midnight/Sky King -- Steve Kallis
Gunsmoke/Have Gun Will Travel -- Martin Grams Jr.
Buck Jones/Wild Bill Elliott -- T. Wayne Clay
The Bickersons/Fibber McGee and Molly -- Barbara Gratz
Casey Crime Photographer/Man in Black from Suspense -- Dawn Kovner
War of the Worlds/Man of Action ("cloaked" Superman) -- Rick Phillips (yours truly)
Mary Noble/Lum and Abner -- John Leasure
Just Plain Bill/Halls of Ivy -- Ted Kneebone
Box 13/Candy Matson -- T. Waye Clay
Gildersleeve/Honest Harold -- Justin Felix
Vic and Sade/Aunt Fanny from Breakfast Club -- George Fowler
Bob Hope/Dangerous Assignment -- Mark Justice
Sea Hound/Scarlet Queen -- Jon Swartz
Peter Quill/Tailspin Tommy -- Jim Harmon
So click here or on the title above to place an order now. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Happy Birthday George Reeves

Today would have been George Reeves birthday. He was born Jan. 5th 1914. If he were alive he would be 92 years old today. Tragically he died early. Some say it was murder. Some say he killed himself. It is one of Hollywood's great mysteries. We will never know the truth. Today let's not celebrate his death. Let's celebrate the birth of a man who helped give millions of little children joy all over the world.
I was 5 or 6 years old when I first saw "The Adventures of Superman" It was 1966 and the shows I saw were repeats but I didn't know that. We lived in the country in Ryland Heights, Kentucky. I remember being outside in the front yard playing. When my Mom opened the door. She called to me and said "Superman's on TV!" Suddenly what I was playing was not as important and I came running inside. With the fanfare of music, the announcement of "It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Superman." I was transported to Metropolis and for a half an hour I could make believe that not only was Jimmy Olsen his best friend but I was too. Whenever I hear that opening music I am 6 years old again feeling just as I did when I lived in Ryland Heights.
The above photo is from Mary Spooner's site Clark looks like he is getting ready to use his X-ray vision doesn't he? Also, the DVD set of season one is on sale and later this month Season two goes on sale. You can purchase them at Amazon by clicking here
or you can buy them from Mary at her site. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The first Monkeemobile

Mary Spooner of just gave me some copies of photos of the Monkees from her personal collection. Some of them I had not seen before. This one I had seen before but it was in black and white. I show it as it is interesting to see the first Monkeemobile. I have not always been good at identifying cars on site. The above looks like a Jag to me but I am not certain. Anybody reading this know what it is? Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

What are coke and the other soft drink companies doing?

My wife and I have noticed that something very fishey is going on with our favorite soft drinks. Whenever we open a bottle we aren't always thristy enough to finsh it right away. Like always we put the cap back on and put it in the refrig. An hour or two later when we are thirsty again we get the bottle out and open it to drink but guess what. It has already gone flat. The one that we drink the most is Coke but we have noticed it with Pepsi and others too. What gives? They never went flat that fast before. It use to stay fresh for a day ot two. Coca-Cola we deserve some answers. Posted by Picasa

The Monkees in Cincinnati

This one is for the Monkees fans. A friend of my wife's is a fan of the Monkees and found out I was too. She gave me this photo of them from a concert they did in Cincinnati back in the 80's. Just thought someone might like to see it. Hope you enjoy it. Posted by Picasa

A Friendly Reminder

This is just a friendly reminder that "It's That Time Again Vol 3" comes out next month. It contains many wonderful stories. One written by yours truly. Also, the owner of Booksteve's Library has a story in the book. If you like old time radio stories then pre order the book before it is released next month. You can go to the publishers site by clicking here or click on the title above. Buy it today before they sell out. Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 02, 2006

A Brown Superman Suit?

I just got "The Adventures of Superman" season one on DVD. On one of the episode commentaries they reminded me that George Reeves wore a brown suit in the black and white episodes. They did that as they found that it looked better in black and white. He only wore the blue suit when they started shooting them in color. Mary Spooner of the George Reeves website gave me permission to use some photos from her site. Mary runs a very good looking site. On it you will find the series of B films that Mr. Reeves did. Some of them were "Man At Large", "So Proudly We Hail", "Calling All Husbands", "Always A Bride", "Hoppy Serves A Writ" and "Adventures of Sir Galahad" I hope you like the look at the Superman brown suit above and you can go to Mary's site by clicking on the title or click here Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy 3rd Anniversary Fred Hembeck

Also a not too belated happy anniversay to Fred Hembeck. I believe yesterday was his site's 3rd anniversary. As you can see from the photo above he tried at one time to destroy the Marvel Universe. Comic fans still like him as he was not successful. However, rising cost may be able to do what Mr. Hembeck could not. Also, Fred take it easy on Brother Voodoo. He isn't such a bad fella. If you want to see his site click on the title above or click here Posted by Picasa

Happy 5th anniversary Mark

Just wanted to give a belated happy anniversary to Mark Evanier. He has been doing this everyday for 5 years. I haven't even done it a year yet and I don't see how he has kept it up everyday for 5 but he has. Thanks for all the info and entertainment. The above photo is of one of his books. You can get it at For the few who have not been to his site you can get them by clicking here or on the links on the side or on the title above. Posted by Picasa

Who really killed Sue Dibny?

I know Identity Crisis was last year but I waited till the collected graphic novel came out and got it as a Christmas gift. I am glad I did as I might have missed this. Jean Loring is suppose to have killed Sue Dibny by using her husbands suit and powers to shrink down and go through the phone line enter Sue's brain and enlarged. Then she tried to hide that fact by burning the body. However, if you examine one page Sue hung up the phone and had enough time to look around when she heard a noise. We assumed the noise was made by Jean Loring who waited for Sue to collapse and then set fire to the body. However, near the end of the series when Jean is telling Ray Palmer about it Sue Dibny seems to collapse immediately after hanging up the phone with no time to look for Jean. Now that just may be a blooper but it could suggest that if Sue really did have time to look around then perhaps someone else was in the house. Perhaps Jean didn't kill Sue and maybe someone else was in the house and killed her. Jean assumed that Sue collapsed when she came out of her brain. Thinking that she killed Sue she tried to dispose of the body. In any case Jean may really be innocent. Everything that happened may really have caused her to go insane but Jean may not have killed anyone. Take a look at the pages above. You may have to click on them to enlarge and rotate them but it should show you what I am talking about. Sorry that I couldn't get the photos upright but this is the best I can do at the time. Posted by Picasa

My first visit from Kris Kringle

Last night I remembered one of my earliest memories from New years Eve. You see on New Years eve the kids in my family would get a visit from Kris Kringle. I know that is really Santa Claus but back then I didn't know it and actually not all the kids in my family celebrated Kris Kringle but that is another story. Anyway it was New Years Eve. Mom and Dad were watchin Lawrence Welk play in the New Year when suddenly there was a knock at the door. They told me to go answer the door and watched me as I went to the door. I sort of knew something was up as I was about 5 or 6t years old at the time and they never let me answer the door. I opened the door and no one was there. I looked around but didn't see anyone outside. I was about to close the door when I looked down and saw a brown paper bag. I saw a 16 ounce bottle of Pepsi sticking out of the top and then inside the bag was alot of candy. I told Mom and Dad what I found and they told me it was from Kris Kringle. He came every New Years Eve and gave small bags of candy and toys to children. Well that made me happy. This bag of candy with the 16 ounce Pepsi was all mine. The 16 ounce bottle stuck in my mind as at the time I was only given 8 ounce bottles. So this was the biggest Pepsi I had ever seen. Later when I got older I found out that the Kris Kringle on my first visit was really my Grandma. She lived next door and came over to put the bag on our porch and then went home. The above photo was taken from an auction on e-bay at
you can click on the previous item to go to that site and place a bid if you wish. Posted by Picasa