Saturday, February 16, 2008

Avengers Got Milk?

Remember this commercial for the Got Milk campaign? Does anyone out there know why I can't find the Baby Ruth candy bar commercial that featured Hawkman?

Friday, February 15, 2008

Castle of Love

Well I hope you all had a happy valentine's day. My wife and I did and big spender that I am I took her to White Castle. Yes you read it right I said White Castle. I thought it was only local but it seems to be nationwide. You see this is the third year that White Castle has held a special valentine's dinner. You had to call ahead and make reservations. You should have seen the looks that people gave me when I told them I made reservations at White Castle. But that was the rules. The did let people come in who just walked in like usual but the got the regular tables and no extras.

We were greeted at the door by the hostess who gave my wife a red carnation and seated us at our table which had a cloth tablecloth not the paper kind that you usually see restaurants theses days. There were candles on the tables and a waitress took our order. We were even asked if we wanted and appetizer. The hostess came by and apologized for not having lit the candles about half way through the meal. I told her we thought they weren't lit yet because it was still somewhat light outside. Later after the dinner was over we were given ice cream as a desert and they took our picture. They kept one and gave us a copy. I told my wife it will probably wind up on a bulletin board or their website. Anyway a fun time was had by all at the restaurant. Except for the ones without reservations who wanted to sit at the tables that were reserved.
I didn't take her to the one shown above but that was the only photo of a White Castle that I could find.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Rest in Peace Steve Gerber

Well I am behind the news on this one as I just learned from Booksteve that one of the best comic book writers of the 1970's and probably of any decade, Steve Gerber, passed away on Feb. 10th 2008. Most of his writing that I am familiar with is from Marvel Comics of the 1970's. It was there that he wrote for Man-Thing, Son of Satan, The Defenders, Omega the Unknown, Marvel Two-In-One and was most famous for creating Howard the Duck.

His battle over the rights for Howard the Duck is near legendary in the business and among comic book fans. It is a shame that it seems to have dominated his career and legacy as he put out some fine and entertaining comic books. As Steve said his work was surreal. Still that does make for good literature from time to time and Mr. Gerber's was good literature.

His battle with Marvel was a rallying cry to freelance artist and gave a kick to the Independent comic book industry in the 1980's. Jack Kirby created the character Destroyer Duck that was the star of an anthology series where other major freelancers submitted stories and the sales helped with the legal fees that Mr. Gerber was having a hard time with. That book also gave us the first look at Groo The Wanderer.

It is a shame that he didn't seem to care for all of his body of work. I recall reading a story where a young boy got together enough money to finance a comic book convention in the area. He got Steve Gerber to be the guest of honor but didn't have enough for him to get a motel room so he stayed at the boys house that weekend. The first day the boy had all of his favorite Steve Gerber stories laying on his bed. He showed them to Mr. Gerber. The boy was proud of his collection but got a startling reaction from him. He said he can't believe all the garbage that he had produced over the years. This shook the boy but he said it helped to make him a better writer.

Well Mr. Gerber may have believed that he put out a lot of garbage. I don't agree. However, in life there is good garbage and bad garbage. If he did put out garbage then Steve Gerber put out good garbage.
The above photo is from his site which you can see here or click on the title above. On that site he talks about recently working on a Dr. Fate project. The character seems a perfect fit for his style and I hope DC decides to publish it soon.

Monkees Clip from Too Many GIrls

Here is a Valentine's Day video. From Season one of the Monkees. The Episode is called Too Many Girls. We all know that Davy was a chick magnet but in this teaser to the episode they seem to be throwing themselves at him more then usual.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Peter Tork

According to the Monkees Quiz below I am more like this man then the rest of the group. Happy Birthday to the smartest and best looking dummy in the world. Peter Tork!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Rest In Peace Roy Scheider

Roy Scheider passed away yesterday after a 2 year battle with myeloma but it is also being reported at this time that he died of complications from a staph infection. So the exact cause of death is unknown. He was nominated for an Oscar for his roles in the French Connection and All That Jazz. However, he is best known for his role as thankless police chief Brody in the movie Jaws. That film was the first to make over $100 million and is said to be the beginning of the blockbuster movie era. Three years later he repeated his role in the sequel Jaws 2. While he had been well known in Hollywood, he was not a household name until the Jaws series of films.

Monkees quiz

Well this wasn't too surprising to me. I thought it would either be Peter or Mike. I would have been shocked if it said was was more like Micky or Davy. Take the quiz and see which one you are most like.

Take the Hey Hey, Which Monkee Are You? Quiz.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

New Kid in Town

Welcome to the new kid in town Forgotten Hits. Actually I know Kent from when he and his Forgotten Hits lived in the town of e-mail newsletters. He had to move after a problem with AOL. Kent and his friends are very knowledgeable about music from the 1960's and a lot of fun to read. So click on over to his site and give him a friendly hello. Only one posting there right now but I know there will be a lot more real soon and it will be informative and fun. If you loved the Peter Noone interview that is on this site you can thank Kent. Kent is also a big Monkees fan like myself so info on them will turn up from time to time. He gave me permission to put it on this site as he was the interviewer and ran it on his newsletter. He recently had a Phil Spector special that he had to stop suddenly when he had to move but it was fun to read. Welcome to town Kent! I think you'll like it.
Also, the above photo is not from his site. I just found this on another site that I don't know the name. The image came up in a search and when I clicked to see it only the image came up and not the site it was on. Thanks to whatever site it was from for your contribution.

To welcome Kent and his Forgotten Hits to blogspot here is a You Tube clip of the Eagles singing "The New Kid in Town" live!