Saturday, August 29, 2009

Double Celebration

We are having a double celebration today as it is my birthday and the second anniversary of my site Mail It To Team Up. Come on in and have a good time. Luke of El Jacone's Comic Book Bunker and Being Carter Hall is taking the coats and hats. Passing out the soft drinks is Brian of Comics in Crisis. Taking care of the tunes is Kent of Forgotten Hits. "Hey Kent! Make sure you play some Monkees songs." Taking care of the grill is Robby Reed of Dial B For Blog and right now he is talking to Adama of Dispatches From The Arrowcave and Paul of Comicbook World. Rob is making like Aquaman out back in the pool. In the family room Marty of the Ephemera site is watching some old movies. Out by the garage John of Pop Culture Safari is tossing horse shoes with David of Superman Fan.Net, Protos of Superhero CD and Jon of Random Acts of Geekery. Well here comes my wife with the cake. So everyone have a piece and enjoy yourself. Here is to another year of blogging fun.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Movies That Made Us...Afraid!

Over at Retrospace they had a post that was movies that made you want to take a shower. This got me to thinking of movies that made you afraid or happy or any other emotions. So I wanted to do a post on that from time to time. Here is one that made everone afraid to take a shower. PSYCHO!!!
The one directed by Hitchcock is the best. In the hands of a lesser director it may have come off as campy and been laughed at. Especially seeing Anthony Perkins in a dress near the end.
The movie became part of Hitchcock's crown jewels and made a star of Anthony Perkins. However, Perkins was typecasted in this role forever. He must not have minded as he was the star of the sequals that were made years later. He also played similar type charaters in other movie and TV shows.
The movie starts out like it is a simple caper movie. Vera Miles is a secretary who steals money from her company so she can afford to get married. You could have gotten a good crime drama out of just this. However, things take a twist when she stops at an out of the way hotel. It is run by Perkins playing Norman Bates. This is the part were audience members got so scared that they wouldn't take a shower for quite some time. Norman enters her room. She can't hear over the sound of the shower. He sneeks upon her and stabs her to death. To this day some people of that generation would rather take a bath then a shower.
Based on the novel by the same name, writer Robert Bloch sold the movie rights to Alfred Hitchcock for $9,000. B grade movied but producers like Roger Corman and others were getting bad reviews but making lots of money. It was also cutting in on major movies made by great directors like Mr. Hitchcock.
Hitchcock liked the story as it started as a simple theft but turned to murder. He liked out the murder in the shower came from out of the blue.
According to Wikipedia the film was nearly censored. Not because of the brutal murder. It was because of glimpses of parts of Janet Leigh's body. Hitchcock waited a few days and resubmitted the film and it was passed without censorship.
Like the B grade slasher movies it got bad reviews. When the movie was a hit beyond anyones wildest dreams it was "re-reviewed" and then they were good. (I have little respect for critics who do this. Stand by what you say to begin with if you really don't like the movie. Some critics did this when Star Wars came out in the 1970's.)

The movie became a popl culture hit and is show in film courses across the nation.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Best of 1960's TV

AOL has listed the top TV shows of the 1960's. None of these ever cracked the top 3. You can click here to see the list.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This Day in Music History: The Elegants and Little Star

The Elegants were formed in 1956 when a group called The Crescents broke up. Two members, Vito Picone and Carmen Romano of Staten Island, New York, recruited Artie Venosa, Frankie Fardogno and Artie's friend Jimmy Moschella. Now they had a group but no name. They saw the word "elegance" on an advertising billboard. It inspired them to name themselves The Elegants.

For their first song Vito and Artie took Mozart's "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and adapted it into a rock tune they called "Little Star." They signed with local label Hull Records but then it was leased to ABC-Paramount Records. ABC-Paramount was starting a new label. It was released on the APT Record Label and on this day in music history, August 25, 1958, it was the #1 record in the country on the Billboard Charts.

At the time The Elegants were toruing all over the country to promote the song. This ment that they didn't get any studio time to release a follow up record. As a result they never returned to the top 100 again.

They did release other records but not in time to capitalize on the momentum they had with "Little Star." While the group remained together they had obsticles to over come in the membership. Two of them were drafted into the Army. One got married and Vito was laid up for 6 months after an accident. By 1962 The Elegants broke up for good.

Crisis on Earth-Blog: Super Powers 25th Anniversary

Well there is another Crisis on Earth Blog and being that I am a Plastic Man fan was asked to take part. I was all set to do so. However, at the time this was asked of me things were abit up in the air around my house. Also, I have never read the Super Powers series. Aside from an action figure I was told Plas was never in the mini-series. Even his action figure didn't have one of the mini comic books that the others came with. So I didn't know what to write about it. So I bowed out of the project. Still I want to provide links to those who stayed with the project. They are as follows:
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Good luck in this endevor guys. I know that one of the slogans of Crisis on Earth-Blog is "Blogs will live. Blogs will die." Don't think that my blogs have died. If you do another one I would like to be considered to participate.