Friday, July 17, 2015

See Ant-Man it's great


I went to see Ant-Man this morning. Great movie. A non-comic book fan would think he was a bigger character in comics then he was with this film. The language was a little bit rougher than in other Marvel movies. Maybe it was done to prepare the audience for Marvel's first R rated movie with Deadpool. I don't see R rated movies so it would be wasted on me. Scott Lang goes to the Milgrom motel. Perhaps a nod to Marvel writer/editor Al Milgrom?  Garrett Morris has a cameo as nod to his turn as Ant-Man in an old SNL skit. Stan Lee also has  a cameo and wait till the end of the credits for a preview of what is to happen in the next Ant-Man, Avengers and Captain America movies. The character of the Ant-Man stories are credited to Stan Lee Jack Kirby and to my surprise Larry Leiber (Stan Lee's brother.) Another surprise is that Paul Rudd gets scriptwriter credit. He must have changed a lot of his lines. If you weren't an Ant-Man fan before, you will be once you see this movie. Of all the Marvel movies this one really felt like a bronze age comic book that came to life. It even has two heroes having a misunderstanding and getting into a fight. That fight actually leads up to one of those previews after the credits roll. I knew Ant-Man or DC's the Atom would make a good movie. This film proves it.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

My interview on Indeyfest Magazine

I see that an interview that I did for the magazine Indeyfest #86 is now online. You can read the interview at The interview even gets mentioned on the cover.