Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Switchblade Comb

I saw this ad today in an old comic book and it reminded me of a Christmas gift I once got from a cousin. I had not even noticed this ad in my comic books at the time so this was a great surprise to me. I had thought it was clever that someone invented a comb that could pop out of the handle at the touch of a button.
Now I have to admit to a nervous habit I have. When I am nervous or thinking I tap to the tune of music. Maybe it is playing on the radio at the moment or maybe it is a song I am thinking of at the time. I have done this with mostly pens and pencils and at times a comb and nothing ever broke. So I wasn't thinking when I started doing it with this comb while it was ejected out. When I looked down I notice that half of the teeth of the comb were missing. Here it was Christmas day and I had already broken my gift. I still used what was left of it and even after the rest broke off I kept old toothless around as I still like it. Maybe one day I will see a switchblade comb for sale and get it again as I still think it is kind of neat.

Monday, June 16, 2008

I Am At It Again

Well I am at it again. I have created a new blog for the Marvel character Millie the Model at this site.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Monkeemen Will Come To The Rescue This Friday

This Friday Dial B For Blog will be posting their article on the Monkeemen. As always it should be a fun read.
The above picture came when they reunited in 1997 and cut a new CD and toured England. I remember that sometimes on the show The Monkees went into a phone booth and changed into their hero guises. I prefer to think of this photo before their change and that the Monkeemen were coming to the rescue of their fans 30 years later.