Thursday, October 20, 2011

For Sale: Great Deal for Monkee Fans!

For some Monkee fan out there my trouble is going to be your pleasure. I am laid off work and need at least $300 by the end of the month. So here's the deal. I will send you a framed and signed picture of all four Monkees, a signed first edition of Micky's book "I'm A Believer, my life of Monkees, Music and Madness", a DVD of the 1997 reunion of all four in England, my fictional book of the Monkees "Last Train to Murder" and a 1960's comic book of the Monkees.  The signed photo I bought from an autograph dealer. At that time it was only signed by Micky, Peter and Mike and came with a certificate of authenticy. Davy signed it for me in person after a concert in Cincinnati, Ohio. The book that was signed by Micky was gotten for me by afriend and given to me as a Christmas gift years ago. It pains me to have to sell them but I need the money more. So if you donate $300 I will send you all of these if you are the first person to donate and e-mail me that you donated it and give me your address. Otherwise they are $60 each and I will send you the one of your choice if it is still available. Thanks in advance for those who help and want to but can't buy them. What you can do in that case it post a link on your site to this post for those that would be interested.