Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dennis the Menace Season 1 coming soon

I just heard that Season 1 of Dennis the Menace is going to be produced by Shout Factory. This is one of my favorite series from my childhood. Even though I liked the most beloved TV show Leave it to Beaver, it is Dennis the menace that was my favorite between the two. I found these pictures while surfing the net. I loved them both but being this is the Christmas season I had to put the more Christmas looking one up top. If any pictures are used in the DVD set I think the color one will be in it but I doubt it will be the black and white one. I like how you see an old fashioned church in the background. With many trying to take Christ out of the Christmas season when we celebrat His birth it made me feel good to remember a time when we did our best to keep Him in it and attend Christmas Eve services. There is no cover available yet But I read that there will be extras included.