Saturday, August 22, 2009

Archie #600

Archie #600 Pictures, Images and Photos

I just got Archie #600 and I have to say it was a good read. How many people have ever said that about a comic book? Michael Uslan weaved comic book and Archie Saturday morning cartoon nostalgia in and out with flawless artistry. The issue, before publication, actually caused some controversy as it has Archie getting ready to marry Veronica. The mild controversy came as most people figure that he would marry Betty. It is a six issue series so I think they will rectify that before we get to the end. The plot starts with Archie and the gang graduating high school. Then he takes a walk UP, not down, Memory Lane. Archie comes to a fork in the road and takes the left fork. I think he will go back and take the right fork and marry Betty but the time this story ends. At the end of the walk suddenly Archie is graduating college. Now this was the only part that in real life I would find unbelievable. He was graduating college with all of his friends from high school. From what I have seen that almost never happens. There were only a few that I saw in college that I went to high school with and, except for my cousin, I didn't know them that that well. I loved how Dilton felt the love from his friends so much that he didn't want to leave them and how honored he was that Archie ask him to be a part of the wedding party. However, he seemed to have a little inferiority complex when he said if he left Riverdale others would just see him as a nerd. Follow your Dad's advice Dilton and you will make new friends.
People, like myself, grew up with these characters and they seem real to us. Like they are our high school friends too. Mr. Uslan knows that and made it feel like a high school reunion for the readers. I loved this issue and can't wait to see how it ends.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Need New Space

Does anyone know a site where I can store my photos? Blogger tells me I am close to the limit so I switched to photobucket. Now they are telling me the same. Both sites suggest that I pay for an upgrade but I can't afford that. Does anyone know of a site that gives unlimited space? If not I may have to stop blogging or cut back on all of my blogs.