Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hostess and Spider-Man's Dream Girl

This Saturday Hostess cupcakes come to the rescue and give Peter a chance at love. This of course came before he married Mary Jane. So while it didn't work out with Lisa Skye he still married a beautiful and wonderful lady. Too bad Marvel doesn't see it that way.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Signed by O.J.

I saw this in a local paper and just had to share it. :)

Jack Wild on the BBC

Here is a video of Jack Wild. It is part of an educational show that he was on for the BBC in England.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Iron Man Movie Trailer

For those who have not seen this on the internet or TV yet here it is. I saw it on TV about a week ago and haven't seen it anywhere else since. My only question is who is the bad guy? He doesn't seem to be fighting any supervillian. What is the sense in having a superhero movie if he isn't fighting a supervillian? You can say what you want about the first Hulk movie but at least he fought the Absorbing Man.

Monday, September 17, 2007


He certainly has shown that he is a heel over the years.


Well I got to see the first episode of the new show Life. It sounded like a pretty good idea. A cop is sent to jail for a crime he didn't commit. He is there for years till new technology shows that he didn't do it. He sues the city and gets millions as well as he gets his job back and a promotion from his lawsuit. He finds out that his going to jail was part of a conspiracy. Now he uses his new position in the Police Department to slowly uncover the conspiracy. Meanwhile he has to deal with crooks who don't like him because he is a cop and cops who don't trust him because they think he is really guilty and don't respect him because he didn't earn his promotion.

Well here is something that we all know is true. Sometimes Life is boring. I was so bored that while it was only a few days ago that I saw the episode that I can't remember what the crime was that he helped to solve in the first episode. The lead actor whom I am sure preformed well in other roles comes off like a burnt out version of Dr. House. In fact he even looks like House. The producers probably sold the idea for the series to the network calling it House with a badge. So you may want to check it out in case you might like it more then I did. However, when it is on I will be watching something on another network.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Rest In Peace Beth Donovan Walters

Back in late 2005 I wrote on one of my sites asking for prayers for my old high school friend Beth Donovan,who became Beth Walters when she married. Well those prayers were answered as she rallied and started to get better. It gave her 2 more years with her family. Yes I heard from another school mate that Beth finally went home to be with her Lord on Friday morning. I hope no more old friends die. Two in two weeks is almost too much for me to take. What follows is a partial reprint of what I wrote about her almost 2 years ago. While I am sad that Beth had to leave us years earlier then I or anyone would have liked, I am happy that she had 2 more years to celebrate the highs and lows, birthdays and holidays with her family. God is good people and now Beth is in his loving arms and no longer suffering any pain. Lets celebrate life of that happy smiling girl in the photo above and pray for the comofort of her family during this time and the years to come.

Not long ago I asked anyone reading this site to pray for an old high school friend who has cancer, Beth Donovan. Beth is someone who, at least to me, stood for all the good things of high school. You may have had to go to my school to understand. Our class was very cliqueish. If you weren't in their group some kids wouldn't have anything to do with you. I was not that way and, as I told my wife, neither was Beth. She was friendly and outgoing. She always had a smile for everyone. Beth never said anything bad about anyone that I know of. I remember going to her house with others from a school club to work on a club project and having alot of fun. Beth was one of our senior class officers, a straight A student and elected most versatile. Basically Beth was a nice, smart and friendly person. I never heard her use bad language or any rumors about her doing anything bad.
Her visitation will be at 5-8pm on Monday at Muehlenkamp-Erschell in Fort Thomas, KY. The funeral will be 10am Tuesday at Mary Queen of Heaven Church in Erlanger, Ky. Posted by Picasa