Thursday, February 16, 2006

Betty Cooper as Superteen

This bolg lately is dangerously close to becoming an Archie Blog site. It isn't but there is nothing wrong if it develops into that. Now I have never bought an issue of Betty and Me that had Superteen in it so I got the above photo from this e-bay auction.
I have never been called a feminist and have never claimed to be one. However, if Wonder Woman was a step forward for them then I believe Superteen was too. Think about it. In the usual Archie stories, a character like Betty was always saving Archie or the others and usually didn't know they saved the day or didn't take credit for it. However, as Superteen Betty did save the day and was given the proper credit. I would call that progress. To top it all off she was usually saving Archie who was already Pureheart, the Archie universe version of Superman. So this was sort of like Lois Lane getting powers and saving Clark Kent. Which I am sure happened in the Lois Lane comics back in the 50's and was written off as an imaginary tale.
Like Pureheart she too had come costume changes in her short history. The one above is what I remember the best. Dig those bellbottoms! Cool and far-out man! Posted by Picasa

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