Monday, February 27, 2006

Happy Anniversary Spider-Man

This is a belated happy anniversary to Spider-Man, Stan Lee and to King Features Syndicate. Jan. 3rd was the 29th anniversary of the Spider-Man newspaper strip. I recently was reminded that it started in newspapers on that date in 1977. No adventure strip had been in the papers for quite some time. So it was a gamble if Spidey would be a success in this format. He was and Stan Lee has been the writer of it from day one. He didn't have to face a burgler his first time out on this adventure. Spider-Man hit the ground running facing Dr. Doom. The Newspaper strip also broke new ground in being the first cross over strip with a comic book in the storyline where Peter and Mary Jane were married. Due to copyright laws I was not able to use the newspaper strip but if you want to see recent ones you can click on the king features name above. Happy Anniversay to all and hopefully I won't miss the big 30th next year. Posted by Picasa

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